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Mezhigorye tour, Mezhigorye excursion

"Mezhigorie" - is the former residence of Viktor Yanukovych, a position he held from 2002 to 2014. Huge park area of 140 hectares. Tour to "Mezhigorie" will allow you to experience unforgettable and conflicting feelings. On one hand, it is beautiful and very well maintained park, on the other hand is a collection of expensive works of art and architecture, without any meaning and logic, which is privately owned by one family and kept at taxpayers. All this and much more you will see during the excursion to Mezhigorye.

Bessarabia – lost Native land

Rescuing their life they had to leave native houses. They could not walk on any more streets of liked cities. They were forced to run to the unknown country, work hard, for the sake of the best future of children. But the memory of those Native places passed from one generations to another, even abroad of Ukraine

Chernobyl - Ukrainian Tragedy, Chernobyl tour, Chernobyl excursion

If you will go on Chernobyl tour you will see the big dipper planned to be open up to 1 May 1986 (public holiday). This big dipper has never seen its visitors. Pripyat is similar to mummy. It has a body but it doesn’t have a soul. Ecologically clean dinner: During the Excursion to Chernobyl You'll participate in the cooking and checking the products with a dosimeter. Visiting the town of Chernobyl: the Park of Glory, Second World War Memorial, the Board of Memory to liquidators, examples of machinery, which took part in liquidating the results of the accident. Within the limits of the possible, You will interview people who live in the Exclusive Zone. Radiation control on the block post.

Moldova – mysterious land  
Jewish Odessa  
Cultural richness of Jewish communities on Ukraine  
Joy and tragedies Jews in Kiev  
Castles of Polish kings  
Castles of Volyn (Ukraine)  
Castles of Ternopol (Ukraine)  
Strong fortresses of Podol (Ukraine)  
Uzhgorod and Mukachevo – the shield of Hungary empire  
Chernovtsy – “Ukrainian” Paris  
Canev – dream of Taras Shevchenko  

The streets ancient Lvov

Touch the ancient city, founded by the prince Danilo Halitsky to honoring his son. The city with the old history, Lvov is still kept its historical “heart” – Market square and the High castle. Deep into the ancient times. Changing of the dynasties, rulers, cultural influences not only on the architecture of the city, but on life habits and speech of Lvov citizens.

Mucachevo – unbreakable destinies  
Kamenets-Podolsky – strong fortress  
"Ahh, Odessa!.."  
Golden domes of Chernigov  
The pearls of Crimea  
Sevastopol – the city of Russian seamen  

Sophia park – piece of heaven for the beloved

"If you want to have clear understanding about what they called Elysian Fields, heavens on earth, visit the park Sophia, and you will be impressed by the genius art. Nature and art, united their powers to create a awesome picture there. How amazing the harmony of joining them in one union! Nothing can compare of what you see here – everything is capture and fascinating you. But don’t think, that I wanted to describe the beauty from my fantasy..." - Famous Russian traveler I. Dolgoruky.

Alexandria – romance embodied in nature  

Love through the thorns

From the first meeting this woman became an ideal of love in life of Balsak. In an impulse of passion she was wiling to give up from everything in order to be with him. And is further, not looking on distance, years, his unfaithfulness, has stood in her love. She has created to him the home, family. In order to marry him she refused from the most part of the manors. She has paid the debts of Balsak – he made at his life and left after his death. If it’s not enough, if it’s not called "to love", what else you need?… - Marciele Bouteroune

Beauty of Carpathian  
New world of earl Golitsin  
Shining Sinevir  
Oposhnoe – the clay pot capital of Ukraine  
Petrikovka – the world of bright colors  
Pirohovo – miniature Ukraine  
Spiritual ways of Ukraine  
Orthodox Kiev  
Orthodox holy places of Chernigov  
Monasteries of Odessa  
Pochaev Lavra  

Lavra – the first monastery of Eastern Europe

Meet the ancient holy place, center of orthodox world – Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Visit the place where one the first monasteries has started. It was founded by two monks Antony and Feodosy. On the hills that was given by the prince Svyatoslav after a wile a beautiful temples and towers appeared.

Kiev. Overview tour, Kiev excursion

Mighty and gorgeous Kiev, it’s sited on the Dnepr hills, surrounded by the multitude of parks. Dnepr is a friend of Kiev from the ancient times. The history of Kiev started 1500 years ago.

Ancient Kiev – the heart of ancient Russia

Where is Russian land started?.. This question was asked not only by Nestor Letopisets, but also many scientist . According to the legend, in the end of 5-th – beginning of the 6-th century. Three brother Kiy, Sheck, Khoriv and their sister Libid, found the city on the river side of Dnepr and called it by the name of the older brother Kiev.

Colorful hills of Dnepr  
Podol – craft works center of Kiev  
Individuals tours  
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